Monday, October 17, 2016

The Four (4) C's of Wig Selection

If you are new to wigs and need help in deciding on which one is best suited for you, let me introduce you to the Four (4) C’s of choosing commercial hair. Like selecting a diamond, choosing a wig requires some understanding and appreciation for details.
In my world, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and so are wigs and I understand and appreciate both :-) :
1 CUT – Choose a flattering cut and style
2 CAP (size) – Determine the correct size wig for a comfortable fit. 95% of clients can wear average (stock) size; however, there are those who require a petite or large size.
3 COMPOSITION – Determine whether Human hair or Synthetic hair is the right choice for you. There are pros and cons to both.
4 COLOR – Always conduct a color consultation to determine the most complimentary color for your client.
And if I were to suggest another “C” make sure to properly CARE and maintain your wigs.


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