Monday, September 12, 2016

How To Apply

Purchasing a Wig

Measure your head (Click here for measurements). Take the following measurements: circumference of head (which measures around the hairline), front to nape, from ear to ear across the forehead, from ear to ear over the top of the head, temple to temple around the back of the head, and across the nape of the neck.
Step 2
Use these measurements when purchasing the lace wig. Depending on your measurement, you can decide if you can use a stock wig or if you need to purchase a custom wig. This is very important for a realistic looking wig with a tight hold. 

Step 3
Shop for wigs in person to ensure that you are getting good quality. After you have educated yourself on what to expect in a wig and what to ask for, you may decide to purchase your lace wig online. A good wig can cost anywhere from $250 - $1,000.
Preparing the Lace Wig
Step 1
Cut the excess lace off the wig leaving about ¼ inch of lace around the hairline. Take your time and do this very carefully so as not to remove too much or too little lace.

Step 2
Turn the wig inside out and spray the inside of the cap with a knot sealer, such as Seal the Knots, then blow-dry the lace wig to seal the knots. Repeat this process 3 times. This will extend the life of your wig.

Step 3
Pre-fit the wig on your head to determine where it will lay on your head.

Step 4Braid the hair on the head in cornrows to have the hair lie flat on the head.

Step 5Trim the hairline around the head to remove hairline hair. This should be done with a clipper or razor so that the wig is applied to a smooth hairless surface (optional).

Step 6Apply alcohol around the hairline to remove any natural oils from your skin.

Applying the Lace Wig
Step 1

Apply adhesives around the front of the hairline using the adhesive applicator. Using the adhesive application brush, smooth out hair around the front of the hairline. Allow this adhesive to dry for 7 to 10 minutes before proceeding. Depending upon the glue you may want to apply the wig on 1/4 of your head at a time.
Step 2
When the glue for the first section is dry, apply the wig to that area starting at the center of the forehead and then working to the right and the left. Stick the wig to the glue 1 inch at a time. 

Step 3
As you place the edge of the wig in the glue, rub your finger in a circular motion to make the wig stick and give the appearance of baby hair coming from the scalp, which will make the wig look more natural.
Step 4
Proceed to the sides of the head and back hairlines in the same manner, after the front of the wig is applied. Repeat Steps 1 - 3 until the entire head is completed.

Step 5Trim and style the wig as needed. Treat your wig as you would your own hair, covering it at night before you go to bed and following manufacturing instructions for care.


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