Monday, July 25, 2016

Care Tips (Part 2)

Tips for Combing:
  • Always, be gentle when combing your lace wig unit. Although they are constructed with 100% Indian Remy Human Hair, pulling and tugging may loosen hair from the lace base of the unit.
  • Brush or comb the lace wig unit gently; when styling, use a professional wig brush or a wide tooth comb to combat tangles and matting.
  • Take precautions not to excessively comb and brush your unit to deter excess shedding of the unit, some shedding is normal; just like natural tresses.
  • Wet hair is at its most fragile state--be careful when handling wet hair.
Permanent/Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring:
  • If you want to change or enhance the color of your lace wig unit, it can be done.
  • We recommend having all hair coloring services be performed by a coloring specialist or hair care professional.
  • Be advised that the cuticle in the hair shaft can be easily over-processed if the coloring services are done incorrectly. Permanent Hair Colors have the potential to have a drying effect on hair; we recommend using a color rinse or semi-permanent color to change or enhance the color of your lace wig unit.

How to Avoid Tangles/Matting:
  • Proper care and maintenance should be utilized to avoid tangles and matting. However, if your hair does tangle, it is imperative that you attend to it immediately.
  • Styling products with high alcohol content may cause tangles and matting, i.e- spritz, hair spray, gels, etc.

  • Applying a lace wig unit should not keep you from continuing an active lifestyle. Instead it just may add to your social calendar because of the added confidence that may come with it.
  • If you swim, please take the same precautions with your lace wig unit that you would with your natural tresses. The chlorine and other chemicals used to treat swimming pools are very damaging to hair. That includes salt and lake water also.
  • After swimming, immediately rinse. Follow your initial rinse with a treatment shampoo; we recommend Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo. Lastly, to condition and treat the hair, use a deep penetrating conditioner; we recommend Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner.
Remember, we are here for you. Best Wishes! Enjoy your new TrinityLacewigs.Com unit !!!
A TrinityLacewigs.Com (TLC) lace wig is worth the investment; because THE INVESTMENT IS YOU!!!.
For additional information, please email us at or call 210-858-8554.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Care Tips

At TrinityLacewigs.Com (TLC), we provide detailed instructions for applying your new lace wig unit, at purchase. However, if you are unsure about applying it yourself for any reason, we suggest you consult a licensed professional for application. Please remember these simple suggestions for maintaining your new lace wig unit for optimal performance and long lasting wear.

First 24 Hours of Application:
  • Make sure you allow enough time for the adhesive to fully dry.
  • Please choose a style that will not pull, tug, or cause stress around the perimeter of your hair. We suggest choosing a very simple style that enables you to tie your hair up for the adhesive to seal properly.
  • It is imperative that you tie your hair with a wrap cap or scarf the first night; this ensures the adhesive will properly adhere to you and your unit.
  • We do not recommend for any reason to apply heat, i.e. pressing comb, flat or Marcel iron around the perimeter of your unit. The adhesive needs at least 12 hours to adhere and dry properly.
  • Initially, you may have a glossy finish around the perimeter where the adhesive was applied; this only lasts for 2-3 days until it dries to a matte finish.
Bed-Time Maintenance:
  • Before retiring to bed, please remember to care for your lace wig unit. For straight or body waves, simply wrap your hair flat and sleep with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet. We recommend for curly hair past 12 inches in length to plait hair in two large braids for easier maintenance before sleeping under a satin cap or silk scarf.
  • In order to minimize pulling at the hairline, always wrap the perimeter of your hairline.
  • For years, silk and satin pillow cases have been known to promote healthier hair versus the drying nature of cotton fiber pillow cases which can be detrimental to your hair. Remember, what can negatively affect your natural hair will affect your lace wig unit too.

Tips for Shampooing:
  • Before shampooing your lace wig unit, please remember to section and detangle hair with a wide tooth comb.
  • Use lukewarm water. Never use water that is too hot or too cold.
  • Spray roots with shampoo solution and work down length of hair.
  • Solution to cleanse hair and scalp should be composed of shampoo and water (equal parts of both).
  • Be careful when shampooing your lace wig unit. DO NOT rub or tug on hair; take extra precautions at the hairline.
  • We do not recommend weekly shampooing of your new unit, on average we suggest every 2 weeks using the method outlined above.
  • REMEMBER, do not shampoo or wet hair for at least 24 hours after having applied your lace wig unit.
  • Always dry hair on a low setting; whether you are using a hand held or hooded dryer.
  • When applying heat, it is recommended to use a protective product; i.e.: leave-in conditioner, serum or heat protector in order to avoid heat damage.
  • Before drying curly hair, blot it with a towel. Excess water can weigh down the hair. While drying, use a diffuser to retain curl pattern. Do not under any circumstances roller brush your lace wig unit; it can cause hairs to be pulled out from the lace.
  • Preferably, let hair air dry.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Why Remy Hair?

TrinityLacewigs.Com (TLC) stock and custom lace wigs are made from 100% Remy Human Hair. Why Remy…? Remy human hair is the highest quality hair on the market. It is sometimes referred to as 'cuticle hair', 'virgin hair' and 'cut hair.' Quality starts with the raw hair used for the lace wig unit. Human hair collected directly from the hair donor is Remy hair.
The majority of human hair sold in the industry is non-cuticle (non-Remy) hair. The hair cuticle has been stripped by using an acid bath. Some hair is harvested from strays collected in combs and brushes.  Due to the cuticle being intact, Remy hair has some advantages other lace wig unit hair does not. It moves more naturally and is less likely to tangle. It can handle being curled with a curling iron, and it is easier to style.
Remy hair usually receives the highest salon quality colors and treatments. It will be more expensive due to the careful harvesting and gentle processes done to it. You will notice a difference between this and other types of hair.
In other common hair-harvesting methods for wig and extension making, the hair is simply shorn from the head and bagged up with no regard for the way the cuticle layers of the hair shafts are aligned. Since hair whose cuticle layers are running in opposite directions tends to become tangled and knotted together, this haphazardly harvested hair must be chemically processed to remove the cuticle layer from the hair shaft in order to have fibers that can be used in making extensions, wigs and hair-pieces. The result is an inexpensive product, but one that lacks the strength and versatility of unprocessed hair fibers.
Remy hair is gathered from the head of donors/producers in such a way as to keep the hair properly aligned in relation to its neighboring hairs. This means the hair remains softer and silkier, and is useful in producing higher-quality wigs, extensions and hair pieces.
Remy hair is not necessarily VIRGIN hair, since it may be colored or permed. Its defining features are intact cuticle and the manner in which it was harvested. It is unusual for Indian ladies from these areas of the regions which TrinityLacewigs.Com has formed strategic relationships with to visit salons and have their hair chemically treated; the hair is collected, still healthy, with all the cuticles intact, perfectly aligned in the same direction. The texture of the hair is the same as European hair, making this extremely popular as Indian hair is less expensive than European.
TLC has developed strategic relationships with many of the manufacturers in China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines and we are able to obtain most pre-made units FOR MEN & WOMEN in 7 days. You don’t have to worry about compromising quality for price--we guarantee top of the line products that are delivered right to you. If you are purchasing lace units, wigs, wefted or non-wefted human hair that is NOT guaranteed Remy; you are possibly purchasing hair collected from combs; dead hair. You deserve the best. Remember, a TrinityLacewigs.Com (TLC) lace wig unit is worth the investment, because the investment is you.

Healthier Living

Healthier Living

Take Control Of Your Health

People are interested in natural health therapies for many reasons. Some suffer from health problems and are tired of the “treatment” they get from conventional medicine. Some do not like the concept of treating the symptom and not the causes; while others are interested in finding natural ways to live healthier, happier lifestyles, and to improve the quality of life. A few have been given up on by medical professionals and have nowhere else to turn. No matter what your reasons for expanding your natural health knowledge, it is important to remember that you can learn to take control of your health simply by becoming educated.

A Healthier Approach

A certified natural health professional (CNHP) specializes in health and wellness. They teach clients how to apply natural lifestyle approaches that facilitate the body’s healing and health building potential. The CNHP does not undertake to diagnose or treat disease but recognizes that the majority of sub-health conditions are cumulative effects. Some major underlying causes of disease is improper diet, unhealthy habits and environmental factors.  They cause biological imbalances, leading to a weakening of the body’s defenses and subsequent breakdown in health. Our body tells us when there is a problem and when we can either respond to this message or try to suppress the symptoms. Before symptoms manifest and long before a diagnosis can be rendered, these destructive aspects of our lifestyles can be identified and corrected. A CNHP concentrates and identifies destructive aspects in lifestyle that lead to imbalances.

A Change in Attitude
Healing must begin in the mind. When introduced to changes in lifestyle, nutrition and the use of supplements, many people are reluctant to change until they have a desire to get well, or until they believe in the tools that are available to them.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hair Loss in Children - Cherub Wigs

Cherub Wigs

Many children suffer from hair loss due to cancer treatments, alopecia, and other medical conditions.  All children are beautiful no matter what - with or without hair.  However, not all children may be comfortable with their hair loss.  Therefore, TrinityLacewigs.Com (TLC) has developed a children’s line of lace wig units.  Our children wigs are an excellent solution in providing your child with a natural looking wig that is virtually undetectable. 

PLEASE  NOTE:  ‘Light Density’ is the recommended density for children wigs. 
Our Cherub Wigs are not considered stock items at TrinityLacewigs.Com. We do not recommend a miniature adult wig for placement on a child. Those wigs, even in a smaller size can be bulky, uncomfortable and cumbersome for children. It is recommended that you custom order these units for a more comfortable fit. These are remarkably high quality full lace wigs and will work well for children or young teens as well as for "hard-to-fit" ultra-petite women. In general, a child's wig measures about 19 inches around. See our measurements link for instructions on how to measure for a more comfortable fit. Feel free to contact us about any special requests or situations. We take seriously the responsibility of providing this service; especially for children. Our Cherub Wigs may be ordered using our Custom Order Form Cherub Wigs in the Custom Specifications link. For assistance with placing your order, please call 210-858-8554.