Monday, July 25, 2016

Care Tips (Part 2)

Tips for Combing:
  • Always, be gentle when combing your lace wig unit. Although they are constructed with 100% Indian Remy Human Hair, pulling and tugging may loosen hair from the lace base of the unit.
  • Brush or comb the lace wig unit gently; when styling, use a professional wig brush or a wide tooth comb to combat tangles and matting.
  • Take precautions not to excessively comb and brush your unit to deter excess shedding of the unit, some shedding is normal; just like natural tresses.
  • Wet hair is at its most fragile state--be careful when handling wet hair.
Permanent/Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring:
  • If you want to change or enhance the color of your lace wig unit, it can be done.
  • We recommend having all hair coloring services be performed by a coloring specialist or hair care professional.
  • Be advised that the cuticle in the hair shaft can be easily over-processed if the coloring services are done incorrectly. Permanent Hair Colors have the potential to have a drying effect on hair; we recommend using a color rinse or semi-permanent color to change or enhance the color of your lace wig unit.

How to Avoid Tangles/Matting:
  • Proper care and maintenance should be utilized to avoid tangles and matting. However, if your hair does tangle, it is imperative that you attend to it immediately.
  • Styling products with high alcohol content may cause tangles and matting, i.e- spritz, hair spray, gels, etc.

  • Applying a lace wig unit should not keep you from continuing an active lifestyle. Instead it just may add to your social calendar because of the added confidence that may come with it.
  • If you swim, please take the same precautions with your lace wig unit that you would with your natural tresses. The chlorine and other chemicals used to treat swimming pools are very damaging to hair. That includes salt and lake water also.
  • After swimming, immediately rinse. Follow your initial rinse with a treatment shampoo; we recommend Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo. Lastly, to condition and treat the hair, use a deep penetrating conditioner; we recommend Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner.
Remember, we are here for you. Best Wishes! Enjoy your new TrinityLacewigs.Com unit !!!
A TrinityLacewigs.Com (TLC) lace wig is worth the investment; because THE INVESTMENT IS YOU!!!.
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