Monday, August 1, 2016

Why Trinity Lace Wigs

A TrinityLacewig.Com (TLC) unit is a state-of-the-art solution and the finest quality in hair replacement systems because it offers the patient facing medically-related hair loss so many positive benefits:
  • It is undetectable from inches away.
  • The base is so lightweight it allows the scalp to breathe.
  • Lightly ventilated and does not have excessive amounts of hair.
  • It has a natural-looking hairline using a single knotting system.
  • A TrinityLacewig.Com lace wig unit is no more challenging to maintain than your own hair before hair loss.
  • With our lace wig units, you don’t have to wear bangs.
  • TrinityLacewigs.Com will bleach the knots (unless specified otherwise).
  • You can sleep, swim, or dance the night away in an emotionally-uplifting TrinityLacewigs.Com lace wig unit.
  • You will have no fear that the lace wig unit will come off accidentally.
How does a TrinityLacewig.Com lace wig unit compare to a conventional wig?
  • There are many important differences between our hair replacement units and a wig. A lace wig from TrinityLacewig.Com unit is customized for a woman during an emotionally stressful time of her life while she is undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation.
  • Depression in women can result from wearing uncomfortable and unnatural-looking wigs.
Conventional Wigs can be:
  • Heavy & Cumbersome
  • Unnatural Appearance
  • Not Personalized
  • Too Much Hair
  • Too Hot
  • Improper Fit
A TrinityLacewig.Com lace wig unit can allow a woman the opportunity of maintaining her pre-treatment appearance and hairstyle. It can be difficult for a woman to cope with the challenges of wearing a mass-produced wig on a daily basis. A TrinityLacewig.Com lace wig unit is created for a woman with emphasis on the front hairline so that it looks totally natural. When the patient looks in the mirror and sees only a wig, it is not therapeutic for the recovery process.

Because our hair replacement units looks realistic, it feels real to a woman during the treatment process. While it is a temporary solution, a mass-produced wig only adds emotional insecurity to an already difficult medical challenge and is depressing. A comfortable, lightweight, TrinityLacewig.Com lace wig unit is no more challenging for a woman to maintain than maintaining her own hair before it was lost due to illness, alopecia, or cancer/radiation treatment.


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