Monday, August 29, 2016

Trinity Lace Wigs' FAQ(s) - Part 2

8. What is the difference between Swiss and French Lace?
Each lace wig unit is constructed from either French or Swiss Lace. French Lace is more durable and may last better over time. It is less detectable and not as delicate as the Swiss Lace. Swiss Lace is slightly less detectable than the French Lace. With this being said, it is also less durable and easier to rip. TrinityLacewigs.Com stock lace wig units come constructed from French Lace. However, those skilled at the application of lace wig units sometime prefer the Swiss Lace. We recommend the use of French Lace for beginners and those who may not be comfortable with the delicate nature of the Swiss Lace.
9. How do I apply my lace wig?
TrinityLacewigs.Com units are applied with a special adhesive or tape that is safe for human skin. The adhesive secures the hair unit along the hairline. The adhesive disappears into the lace front and creates the illusion of hair growing directly out of your scalp. The adhesive IS NOT used directly on the hair. You may also purchase heavy duty adhesives or tape tabs to secure your wigs. We sell the highest quality adhesive on our website. The lace wig units are easy to attach. Your unit will come with FREE instructions on how to apply and care for your unit. We accept no responsibility for the manner in which this product is applied, used or misused.
***If this is your first time using a TrinityLacewigs.Com unit, we recommend you purchase both the adhesive and remover at the time the wig is purchased.
10. How long will the adhesive hold?
The average hold time is 1 to 6 weeks. This may vary depending on your skin type - the adhesive will not last as long on oily skin. There are several types of adhesives to choose from. If you exercise regularly or will be swimming in your lace wig unit, you may want a more durable adhesive. A Maximum Hold adhesive provides a 3 to 6 week hold. Regular hold adhesives are normally daily wear adhesives which provide a 2 to 10 day hold. These adhesive would be recommended for touch-ups. Consider your need carefully before selecting an adhesive. Choose a wig adhesive remover that works with nearly all hair adhesives. Check out our link toAdhesives/Supplies.
11. I am very active, can a lace wig be worn while swimming or exercising?
Your TrinityLacewigs.Com unit can be worn like your natural hair. You can engage in all your normal activities including swimming and exercising while wearing your wig. You should wait a minimum of 24 hours after application before allowing the hair to become wet.

12. Can my hair replacement unit be parted?
Yes, your TrinityLacewigs.Com unit is constructed as a full lace unit and made with a "freestyle part" which allows the wig to be parted anywhere. However, a front lace unit only offers frontal parting where the lace is constructed.
13. How long will my wig last?
With proper care and maintenance, your TrinityLacewigs.Com unit may last up to two to five years.  You will receive instructions on lace wig care with your purchase.
14. Can I return an item for a refund?
NO REFUNDS!! NO EXCEPTIONS. SEE POLICY INFORMATION REGARDING EXCHANGE POLICY. Due to the personal nature of the product, we must adhere to a strict policy on returns and exchanges. This is a necessary health precaution.



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