Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wiggin’ It For Fun

Wigs can be an essential part of any healthy hair regimen. Many women wear them when they need to give their hair a break from manipulation and over-styling, or during extended periods of extreme weather that can cause their hair to dry out. Wigs and extensions are part of their arsenal of protective styles, but in order to reap the full benefits of wearing them, they should steer clear of the following unhealthy practices.
Wearing them too long
Yes, we get it - wigs are very convenient! Many women love the fact that they can wake up with bed head and 5 minutes later walk out the door with hair on fleek. Wigs save time, but if worn extensively they can actually become damaging from neglecting the health of your actual hair. Wearing wigs doesn’t mean you should neglect your natural tresses. Give your hair a break from wigs about every three weeks.
Medical Grade Adhesives/Tapes
Wigs can be an amazing alternative and protective style. However, attaching wigs directly to a healthy hairline is a recipe for disaster and actually defeats the purpose of protective styling. Adhesives can tear your hair out from the roots or cause damage at the shaft. To avoid this, use glue-less wigs that you can easily attach on and off seamlessly matching your hairline.
Remind your clients to be responsible when wearing wigs as an alternative or protective style.  If they aren’t suffering from any hair loss issues, you want to ensure they never will.  Have fun, wiggin’ out! 


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