Friday, October 21, 2016

Why Black Women Are Losing Their Hair (A Recommendation)

Why (Black) Women Are Losing Their Hair

Hair loss is reaching epidemic numbers.  Millions of women and men suffer from hair thinning and balding.  

Even prior to my training in Trichology as a stylist, I noticed that more and more of prospective clients were calling for help because they could no longer conceal their hair loss.

This was the start of my unquenchable desire to learn as much as I could about why women are losing their hair.  Trichology certification (at that time) seemed like an impossible feat, so i started learning about the causations of losing hair with a book.

This is a recent photo of me holding up one of the best resources I used early on before my Trichology practice.  Yes, I am surprised that the book cover is still in tact, LOL! :-) Recently, I had a conversation with a stylist who was inquiring on some basic symptoms one of her clients was having with her hair.  I started asking questions and relating them to the structure of the hair shaft, the hair growth cycle and some prelimary information about what was causing the Trichorrhexis Nodosa (or hair breakage).

She was impressed, I was flattered; however, I remember how I learned the basics of hair and the causations of hair loss with a book I purchased and studied sooo long ago.  This book was so impressionable that I have even shared it with some of my more savy clients who wanted to be in partnership with me on their journey to regain their hair.  It can be appreciated by both the professional stylist and the client.

This book has been in my (arsenal) library for close to two decades and I highly recommend it.  If you are interested learning more about the book, check here: Why Black Women Are Losing Their Hair

As always, wishing you the best.  What do you have to lose but more hair!
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