Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who Am I...?

Have you ever wondered how to select your perfect look? Well, if you are like me, you don't have the salaries of the rich and famous to hire stylists and image consultants.

I have over the years studied the basic facts that anyone can use. All you need to ask is..."who am I?" Once you answer that the rest is easy...

Facial shape, hair texture and thickness are your natural guidelines for discovering your own best style and then becoming satisfied with the result. Knowing the shape of your face is the basis for that all of your makeovers, whether new makeup, new hairstyles, or extreme makeovers should originate.

Heart - Add volume at chin. This facial shape is characterized by a wider forehead and narrower chin. Bring some hair onto the forehead to disguise its width. Keep hair close to the head at the eyes but make it slightly full around the jaw, and below and in front of the earlobes.

Oblong - Add softness. This facial shape has a long and narrow bone structure. An oblong facial shape often has a long, thin neck. Use a fringe or half-bang across the forehead by creating soft waves or curls in the crown or nape areas. This helps create the illusion of an oval.

Oval - Many choices. As its name implies, the oval face shape is longer than wide, with a jaw that is narrower than the cheekbones. Because the oval face has no dominant areas and is so proportional , this face looks good with just about any hairstyle, length or texture.
Round - Avoid width. The round-shaped face has a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. Usually, a slightly shorter neck is associated with a round facial shape. A geometric linear style looks very good. Add height and long wispy sides to make the cheeks look narrow. Sides and nape comb close.
Square - Soften angles. The width of the cheeks and forehead will be similar. The width of the jaw line and forehead will also be similar. Soften angles to give the illusion that both the forehead and the jaw line appear narrower. Avoid styles that add width at the jawline. Soft curls and waves will create a balance to the straight features of the face.

These basic guidelines may be used when choosing the perfect hairstyle for your lace wigs as well. If you have any questions, call our customer care department at 210.858.8554 and someone will be happy to assist you.

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