Friday, November 6, 2009

One of Life's Biggest Battles

Trinity Lace Wigs is a supplier of full cranial prosthesis to many experiencing hair loss. When you become acquainted with someone who is about to take on one of life's biggest battles (which is the fight against cancer) in a way of speaking their fight becomes our fight. Cancer is such an insidious and widespread enemy that we all rally to assist anyone who decides not to give in but to fight no matter what it takes. And many times what it takes is chemotherapy (which is a highly effective way to destroy cancer cells).

Regrettably, chemotherapy is also extremely hard on the cancer patient, too. Nausea, loss of appetite and hair loss can be devastating. That is why for many patients with cancer, the prospect of covering the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment with a realistic hair replacement unit (full cranial prosthesis) or lace wig is extremely therapeutic.

The loss of hair from illness such as cancer is debilitating to one's self-esteem. This is especially the case of women and the very young. The sudden loss of hair is a tell-tale sign that screams "cancer patient", even before the patient is usually ready to share their illness with others.

Many medical providers are prescribing "full cranial prosthesis" or full lace wigs for their patients to assist them through their chemotherapy that will assist them in keeping the patient's fight private (as it should be).

If you or someone you know is about to face "one of life's biggest battles", there is no time like the present to ask your doctor or counselor how to learn about realistic hair replacement. Remember, we at Trinity Lace Wigs offer an effective resource to assist them in their fight. This battle against cancer is a war we all want to win.

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