Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Empower NOT Embarrass Clients

Just wondered if you saw a new video trending on the internet.  Reluctantly, here is a link to the video (WARNING: VIOLENT)! 😡

As a woman and beauty professional, I found it very disturbing.  Why? Other than the obvious violent content...my heart ached that it went that far.  This could have easily been avoided by a little compassion from the (professional) hair stylist.

I don't feel as if her statement to her colleague that her client couldn't get the style she wanted because "... YOU don't have NO edges!". Her remarks many times were not genuine statements of help or concern. It seemed to me (as it must have seemed to the client) that it was purely to mock or belittle the client.  The result was violent.  Are you surprised? Not me...

There are two types of clients in Hair Replacement: The "Want" Client and The "Need" Client.  They both have different requirements and levels of emotional interactions and if you want to provide service to them you must be able to identify and know that.

In this day and time,,the level of customer service and simple compassion eludes many people, UNFORTUNATELY!  In my Non-Surgical Hair Replacement and Medical Hair Loss certification trainings, I devote time to share with licensed professionals on just how to service these clients with dignity.  It is unfortunate that this situation happened because it could have been easily handled differently.

If you are a client with hair loss or related issues and would like your hair care practitioner to learn more about what I am talking about OR if you are a licensed hair care practitioner who would like to learn more about our certification training, contact us at info@StephanieLAnderson.com or visit www.StephanieLAnderson.com or www.TheHairReplacementCoach.com

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