Monday, March 24, 2014

Innovative new service "Oxygen Scalp and Hair Therapy"

O2 Scalp and Hair therapy

We are continually striving to bring the most up-to-date and innovative treatments and solutions to our treatment facility.  I am happy to announce that in our research of the best tools and products that can increase circulation at the dermal papilla (cellular level) and increase cell regeneration hands down oxygen is proven to be a mandate.   As most professionals know the red blood cell requires oxygen to carry part of the blood and the capillaries must bring this oxygen to the cellular level to achieve “Hair Growth”.  Certain factors such as physiological, internal episodes (i.e. anemia, stress, poor circulation, etc.) may interrupt this process of oxygen enriched blood from traveling to the hair cells where they are needed for growth.  Stimulation and energy derived from tools like the High Frequency Rake and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and microcirculation products like the Revitalize Hair Care System and Scalpure Premium Clay Mask have aided in this scientific approach to healthier scalp and hair.

Our treatment center is now excited to announce that following trial services we now offer O2 Scalp and Hair Therapy.  O2 Scalp and Hair therapy applies integrated hair care treatments compromised of pure oxygen and natural hair products; by combining the powerful action of oxygen with natural plants' stimulants. The system cleans, nourishes and deeply oxygenates the scalp and hair. This system is based on the same scientific technology using an oxygen generated device that produces pure enriched oxygen.  The same source used by many doctors in hospitals and other facilities with poor wound healing, viral, bacterial or fungal maladies.

Our research and practice has indicated that results from treatment when applied to the scalps could be seen in as little as 3 weeks.  We use this O2 Scalp and Hair therapy in conjunction with our Intensive Damage Hair Loss and Scalp Therapy treatment offered previously.  We also have other programs designed for each individual’s needs.

Call or email us today to schedule your O2 Scalp and Hair therapy service, now.
Oxygen Scalp and Hair Therapy


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