Monday, October 5, 2009

"Real Men Do Wear Pink"- NFL Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

Have you ever heard the adage, "Real men don't wear pink"? Well, I do every time I try to outfit my husband in a pink tie or shirt. Yesterday; however, he was proven wrong. I am a self-proclaimed "Football Widow", I amuse myself (from another room) as my husband shouts at the big screen tv at the fumbles, the missed field goals or what ever call the referee misses.

Yesterday, in an effort to spend more time with my mate, I suffered through as the NY Giants played the Kansas City Chiefs. Don't ask me the score, I did not notice; what I did notice was the showing of "pink" support that was displayed by the NFL players.

A "Crucial Catch" is the NFL's campaign to promote breast screenings and Breast Cancer Awareness month. NFL football players are sporting pink on towels, patches, jerseys, caps and pratically anything else that will help to catapult awareness. Breast cancer is a life threatening disease, but the scientific and medical communities, with growing public support, are making significant gains in educating women so that diagnosis at the earliest stage of this disease is a possibility.

I have found a new respect for the sport of football. In a time where we hear about the negativity of the players and the scandals, I wanted to observe the positive. I still do not understand the rules nor promise to be a faithful viewer, but I respect the efforts to bring awareness of breast cancer to the masses by the NFL players.

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